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Convert Shorten URL To Original One

If you use Micro-Blog like Twitter you should see many shorten URL there, how do you know real URL behind them? Sometimes we just waste time to click junk links, it is annoying when you found that link takes you to a junk site. To avoid this annoying you should to find a real URL before you click it.

Long URL Please is an online tool for you. It is a Firefox extension, very easy to use. After you installed it you can easy to find real URL behind shorten URL. If you do not want install anything on your Firefox or use other browsers, it also offers a Bookmarklet that can be easy to add on bookmark bar. Just press this button on a page that contains shorten URL it will display original URL.

Long URL Please supports some main shorten URL services like, Tinyurl,,, and other 70 shorten URL services.


Long URL Please是一个适合你的网络工具,它是一个Firefox扩展件,非常容易使用。在安装后就可以发现那些短网址背后的真正去向。如果你不想在Firefox上安装任何东西,或者使用别的浏览器的话,它还提供一个Bookmarklet,这可以非常容易地添加在浏览器书签条上。只要在有短网址的页面点击该按钮即可将短网址显示原来的网址。

Long URL Please支持一些主要的短网址服务,如, Tinyurl,,,以及其他70个短网址服务网站。

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