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Grab Explorer View For Free

Explorer View is file previewer for Windows Explorer, it can be preview many different types of file, including PowerPoint viewer, Word, Excel Visio, PDF and DWG viewer, even if these original software applications are not installed. This software costs $29.95 US dollars, but now we can get it for free.

As many promotion code of software, this is also a promotion one, just go to this page, fill your information, click "Register" button. It will send you an email with download link and registration code. After that you know how to do, install and activate your application. All done.

Explorer View是一个专为Windows Explorer所设计的文件预览器,它可以预览不少类型的文件,包括PowerPoint viewer, Word, Excel Visio, PDF和DWG viewer,即使你的电脑并没有安装原来的软件也无妨。这个软件价值29.95美元,但现在我们可以免费得到它。


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