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Hurry! Register HideIP VPN Premium Account 1 Month For Free

I had a post that introduce a free UK/US VPN service before, this VPN service is very hot now, only 100 users can register their account. I remember a user who from China asked my personal account, because he could not register. Now, maybe you can register a premium account one month free, it costs $9.99 US dollars but you do not have to pay.

It is very easy, just follow HideIP VPN on Twitter, it will publish a promotion code for register, click link you can find registration page, choose premium account, fill promotion code into coupon bar, after fill your personal information you can check out, the sheet display you pay zero dollar. That is all.

Download OpenVPN client and VPN configuration file. You can "Rock'n Roll" now.

Hurry! It only giveaway 5 accounts each day, if you are interesting you have to do quickly.

我以前发布过一篇有关介绍免费UK/US VPN服务的文章,这个服务现在非常火热,每月只有100个用户可以注册。我记得有个来自中国的用户索取我的个人账户,因为他无法注册该服务。现在,你有机会注册它的付费账户但可以免费使用一个月。它价值9.99美元,但你并不需要支付。

步骤非常简单,只要跟随HideIP VPN在Twitter上的页面,它会发布一个宣传码,点击链接后可到注册页面,选择“premium”账户,输入宣传码到该条空格中。输入你的个人信息后就可以结帐了,点击按钮后你可以看到账单上是零,免费使用。这就是全部。



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