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Use A Small VPN Dial-UP Application To Watch Sport Game On Chinese Site

I had some posts that talk about how to use free Chinese VPN service to watch England Premier League football game on Chinese websites. One was introducing Feiyi VPN, another one was introducing 173VPN. These both applications are only Chinese version, so it is very hard to figure out for many users who do not understand Chinese language. Late, I also posted another useful trick that tell you Chinese P2P stream video only detect IP in the beginning. That means we do not have to use VPN to virtual Chinese IP anymore after the video load completely, so we only need VPN in the beginning. My thought is if we can use some VPN free test accounts to do that job that should be fine, but the major problem is many VPN services offer free test accounts but they do not have Chinese VPN servers.

After I spent a longtime searching I found a good free test application without dial-up times limited, and this is an English version (perfect for English users). You can download this small VPN dial-up application here. This is a small application from a commercial VPN service, it is free for testing without time limited. After you downloaded it just double click, choose "ASIAIP L2TP China" or "ASIAIP PPTP China", click "Connect" button it will connect Chinese server at once. It only gives you 7 minutes connection each time but no limited dial-up times. After you get on Chinese site you can "rock'n roll", do not worry anything, as I told you we do not need VPN anymore after video loaded completely, it will automatically shut off VPN connection after 7 minutes.

User ID: demo Password: demo

Of course, it offers other VPN servers from European countries, US, UK, Hungary。


经过长时间的搜索,我终于发现了一个供测试账户使用的VPN拨号器,它没有拨号次数的限制,而且还是一个英文版(这对英文用户真实太合适了)。你可以在这里下载VPN拨号器,它是专为测试而无拨号次数限制免费使用。在你下载后可直接双击它,在拨号器上选"ASIAIP L2TP China"或"ASIAIP PPTP China",点击"Connect"按钮即可连接服务器。它给你7分钟的连接测试然后自动断线,不过没有拨号次数的限制,你可以用它来上中国网站(新浪体育)观看英超联赛了。正如我所说的,当视频完全载入后你就不需要VPN了,7分钟后它会自动断线。

使用者ID: demo 密码: demo


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