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Best High Definition Movie Site, EpixHD

If you like surf on internet you should be know somewhere we can watch movies, even new movies, but the quality is not very well. Most online movies depend on users upload, and they all are low definition. Only few official movie sites offer high definition movies like Hulu, you can see some high quality movies there.

Epix HD is a new internet service that offers real high quality movies (720p). According to report, this new online media service was created by movie industry: Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM. It also has Epix TV network that is a new cable bundle channel package for US cable TV customers.

The best point is Epix HD is free (beta version) now, and no commercial ads on. You have to register an account first, and ask an invitation of subscribe code. It has different steps, so you still have to wait a code after you registered. I had a try, it was very good when I first watch a movie, I put it on full screen play mode, very good quality. If internet speed is enough this movie site is a best one I have never see before.

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