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Direct Download Torrent Files By Web Browser

Kick Ass Torrents is a new torrent file search engine and directory that helps users easy to find and download torrent files. Compare to other similar sites, it allows you setup a customize main page if you registered. Another good point is it offers direct download files by HTTP. It is not all torrent files have direct HTTP download, you can go to Direct Download that lists all available direct download files, but it requires register an account. When you use direct download file it will take you to another site (parter) to download file by HTTP.

HTTP Torrents is a file download site that can available turn some torrent files to HTTP downloading. Just fill a torrent hash into search bar, click "Search" button, it will tell you if this torrent file can available HTTP downloading. Not every torrent file can turn to HTTP downloading, if they can you can simple download it by your web browser. HTTP Torrents also has cooperation with Kick Ass Torrents.

Taffybox is another torrent file search engine, it offers two ways to download file: use a torrent client or just a web browser. Like normal search engine, just fill some keywords into search bar, click "Search Now" button. After list appears on the page, just click last one - a small download icon. It will popup another window that uses java application, you can download file without a torrent client.

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