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Grab eMailTrackerPro 8 For Free

I know many people like me they hate spam, we received spam mails everyday but up to now we still do not have a useful way to stop it. Most mail services let you build filter rules to avoid to read spam mails, but it can not stop spam. What can we do for spam? Nothing, because we do not have any software can stop spammers send junk mails, only thing we can do is we can find who send us spam.

It is not easy to find a real sender of email for most people, most spammers use fake email address, but we can check email header to find real IP address of sender. We can use some software to do this job, eMailTrackerPro is one of useful tool for check email header. But it is not freeware, retail price is $29.95 US dollars. Now, we have chance to get it for free.

Go to this page, type your email into an email bar, and click "Go" button. You will get an email with register code at once. Next step is download eMailTrackerPro 8.

After installed it, go Help -> Enter License Key on surface of application, fill register code that you got from email, click "OK" button. That is all. Remember, do not click update to 09 version, that will make pay for version.

Another software also from same company has promotion code, Visual IP Trace 2008. Go to this page. Same way you fill email address and get register code. download Visual IP Trace 2008.

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