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SkyDrive Explorer

I had some posts that introduce some online backup, storage service, I said I like this kind of service, if something happen on your computer you still have backup files on online storage. I like some online backup services they offer special clients that can be mount remote storage like a local drive, like Wuala, Zumodrive.

We also know Microsoft offers 25GB free online storage that called SkyDrive. For most users that is a good service, because it comes from a reliable brand, you do not have to worry about it will disappear one day like some web services. But unfortunately, SkyDrive does not give us more convenience, it is a simple online space for store your photos. I personally do not like it.

Now, we have a client that can make SkyDrive stay on your computer like a local drive. This client comes from SkyDrive Explorer, it is a small client but useful, after installed your computer will add an extra hard drive. You can copy/paste files, add/delete files, change folder/file name each way between drives. It supports Windows system including Windows 7.

I had a try this client, but I do not why it always had error when I copy file to SkyDrive, other way works fine.

我有一些文章是介绍在线备份、储存服务,正如我说的,我喜欢这类服务,如果你的电脑发生什么故障的话,你仍然可以从在线储存空间得到备份文件。我尤其喜欢一些备份服务网站,他们提供特殊的客户端将远程空间影射到本机中,看上去就象一个本地硬盘,如Wuala, Zumodrive


现在,我们有一个客户端让SkyDrive成为电脑上的一个硬盘,这个客户端来自SkyDrive Explorer。这是一个小软件但很有效,按装后你的电脑上会增加一个硬盘。你可以在各个硬盘之间进行拷贝/粘贴,增加和删除文件、文件夹,更改文件名字。它支持所有的Windows系统,包括Windows 7。


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