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How Can You Make A Fake News

In April, we can read many fake news on news paper, internet, people think that should be fun. But on internet, you can make everything fake everyday, like news, ID, photo, video, and so on. It is so easy to do that. Like Foday make a fake story looks like old news paper clip. Fake A Wish can make a celeb fake break news banner.

Was Arrested is another one, this is a joke site that lets you make a fake news on internet. You can easy fill victim's name, pick some unbelievable news, click "create link" button, that is all done. You will see a new page that display a fake news site.

It is no meaning, just for fun.

在四月份我们常常可以在报纸、网络上读到一些虚假的新闻,人们会认为这比较有趣。但在网络上,你可以每天制造任何虚假的东西,如新闻、ID、相片、视频等等。非常容易制作这些东西,如Foday可以制作一个虚假的故事看上去象一个旧报纸剪报。Fake A Wish则可以制作一个有关明星的假新闻横栏。

Was Arrested是另一个这样的网站,它是一个玩笑网站,让你在网络上制作虚假新闻。你只要输入一个人的姓名,选择一些难以置信的消息,点击"create link"按钮即可。你马上可以看到一个网页,上面显示这条虚假的新闻。


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