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Search Your Favorite Stock Photo In One Site

If you want search photo that should be very easy, you can use some image search engines, but it does not guarantee quality of photo and copyrights. Some people want make website and use high quality photos, so it need to buy high quality photos from some stock photo sites. is a photo search engine that special for search some main stock photo sites, including BigStockPhoto,, Shutterstock, stock.xchng, and son. Just simple type a keyword into search bar, choose one or more stock photo sites, click "Search" bar. After results displayed you can move your mouse to preview bigger photos, click a photo it will take you to original site.

If you want but some photos for your website, you can use to search high quality photos.


Cyclo.ps是一个图片搜索引擎,它专门用来搜索一些专业图片储存网站上的图片,包括BigStockPhoto,, Shutterstock, stock.xchng等等。只要在搜索条上输入关键词,选择一个或者多个搜索对象图片网站,点击"Search"即可。当搜索结果显示后,可用鼠标预览较大的图片,点击一个图片它会转到原来的图片网站。


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