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AlonWeb VPN Launches Premium VPN Service (Shut Down)

>After BlackVPN is ready to launch premium VPN service on end this year, another free VPN service - Alonweb VPN also starts premium VPN service recently, it costs $4.95 US dollars a month. As a premium user, you can have unlimited data traffic that instead of 1GB a month for a free account. You can also have connection from 5 servers. For bonus you have 10 GB web space. Sounds very good. But I do not know if Alonweb VPN will stop free account next year, I hope it will never happen.

Alonweb VPN is shut down without any reason.

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Anonymous said...

i think that vpn premium service exists for about last 8 months already.
it's not new!

Living Online said...

Actually, it opens users to test its premium service only start in this month. Take a look this official blog.

Anonymous said...

i think it is some kind of promo not beggining of new premium service.

anyway did you made it to get a test account from this blog?

i have sent them 2 emails the last 10 days and no response!

the don't look to be very professionals..

Living Online said...

Yes, the test premium account is a promotion, AlonWeb VPN seems push out its premium service, my feeling is maybe it will focus on premium service, but it dose not mean it will stop free service at once.
About test premium account, it was limited time and users, no more test account now. I did not get it either.

Anonymous said...

Alonweb is gone for's not even indexed in google anymore...