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Check Englsih Spelling and Grammar Online

I am not an Anglophone, so when I compose my English blog I always did something wrong, like spelling and grammar. Language is an improvement of procedure, it needs practice again and again. If English is not your original language you can use some language tools to help you. Today, I like to tell you a web based language tool that can check your English spelling and grammar.

Spell Check Plus is a web based application that can check spelling and grammar in English. It has two versions, one is free version with ads, another one is Pro version that costs $13 US dollars. I suggest you use free version first, if you found this tool is useful you can choose Pro version late.

It is very easy to use, just type or paste your article into an editor bar, click "Check text" button, it will display a result. If something wrong it will mark them, move your mouse on them and it displays explaining at once. After you corrected them, check again that make sure they are correct. Take look this screenshot below. I do like this tool.

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