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Make Your Own Start Up Web Page With Symbaloo

When we open browser to surf website on internet first display page called Main Page, you can setup your own favorite web page with it. Some people like setup search engine, bookmark, or news for main page, but you only can setup one page. How can we setup more than one pages? A web based start up web page service can help you to do that for you.

Symbaloo is a very nice start up web page service, that allows you to create your own favorite web pages. You can make different channels, like News, Web, Desktop. Add your favorite pages into channels, if you do not like you can delete them. You can also create a publish channel, add some web pages to share it with other people. After done, you can set up Symbaloo for your browser's main page, when you open browser you can easy to navigate different web pages every times.

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Anonymous said...

syberw did you changed your url name?it starts now as

is always blogspot or what?

how will we call you now?ha ha!

Living Online said...

Yes, I try to use my own domain now, but still use blogspot, so if you use old url it automatically transfer to new one.
Please call me Syber who own this blog.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

ok my friend.

is it syberw or syber instead preferable from you?

Living Online said...

I don't mind, if anybody like to call me syberw, that's fine.