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How To Use Google Shorten URL Service Quickly

We know Google launches shorten URL service recently, that called But if you go to page, it shows you this sentence:

Google URL Shortener is currently available for Google products and not for broader consumer use.
Google orders its toolbar to shorten URL, that means you have to install a toolbar from Google Toolbar.

For me, I do not like too many toolbars on my browser, I think many people think same way too. How can we use Google Shorten URL Service without install a toolbar? If you use Firefox browser that would be much easy. Just go to this Firefox add-on page, install this add-on that called " Lite". After restart Firefox, right clicking on the Firefox toolbar area and choose “Customize”, drag icon to your Firefox toolbar. After it display on toolbar you can use it now. You can click this icon when you want shorten a long web address, it will convert a short address and copy it into your clipboard. You can direct paste it to somewhere.

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