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Groupon, A New Way To Make Good Deal

Groupon is a US web service that offers good deal to customers in US. Actually, I saw a new report talk about it when I first knew it. What is Groupon? If I separated say that is Group Coupon, but it is my guess. Actually, it is a platform for collective action, everyone can use this platform to make good deal, buy something, join a club membership, it like a group buying, so the price will be lower than regular one.

The concept is smart. First step is Groupon make a deal with company or store, then it offers this deal on website, people can join and buy Groupon. After that, customers can print his Groupon with detail of information. To make a deal only depends on it reaches minimum members. If not, it will cancel deal and never charge you anything. Now, Groupon is growing up some cities in US.

Take look this video.

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