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A Time Restricted Free VPN Service

I have published two posts several days ago, they introduced two secured clients to hide IP address while you surf online. My blog only introduce free stuff, including some commercial software,  but they must have a free version. Now, I would like to tell you another one, a commercial VPN service, but also offer a free version.

Internet No Limit is a commercial VPN provider, it also offers a free service, but it has time restriction, only one hour pay day, and two servers in one location (France). It is really tight.

You can go to this page to register a free account. Register was painful for me, I did several times untill successful. You must get an email and click an activate link. After that you can log in your account, actually it is nothing to do there. Next step is use your ID and password to setup a connection.

Maybe this is a new service, I could not find any information about VPN host address, I only found it in tutorial section. According to future introducing, it has three ways to set up connection: PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN, but I could not find L2TP and OpenVPN.

Well, you can use this information to setup PPTP connection:
Host server:

To be honest, this VPN looks brand new, everything just beginning, no help, no support service. The speed is so so, too tight for free users. Compare to other free VPN services, Internet No Limit should improve its service.

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