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Watch Popular US TV Show Online

More and more people like use computer to watch TV show, but some popular video sites restricted visitors' IP, like Hulu, ABC. Most popular TV show only for US visitors, if you are not live in US you should be in US IP with VPN or SSH. Otherwheres, you have to use other way to watch them, like pay to watch stream video, download video from some file hosting sites or torrent sites.

If you are really want to watch US popular TV show, you can try this one - TVGorge, this service offers you watch popular US TV show for free without check your IP address, like American Idol, CSI, Bones. The strange thing is it called these video services are its partners: TV Duck,, Hulu, TVGuide. I am not sure this site is legal or not, but I do not think it can keep very longer. Now, you can enjoy it.

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