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Check Target Site Before Click Shorten URL

Many people like to use shorten URL service, like,, They are useful and convenience, especially for some social networking sites, like Twitter. But it also brings security problems, some spammers and malware use shorten URL services to hide their real targets. I have some posts that talk about how to check real web address that behind shorten URL, like Convert shorten URL to original one.

How to check out real targets which from some shorten URL services? I would like to introduce some services again. First choice, use some web based check real URL services.


I would like to recommend last one - Securi, because it also scan target URL, so it should be safe. Second choice, use some Firefox plug-ins or bookmarklets.

Long URL Please, it offers Firefox plug-in and bookmarklet. Install plug-in or drag bookmarklet to bookmark bar.

URL Sniffer, it is a bookmarklet, easy to drag it to bookmark bar.

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