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Simurgh, A New Secured Anonymous Client

My blog reader Sassan who sent me an email that talk about a new secured anonymous client - Simurgh. It is an Arabic site, but does matter you can download it, the application interface is English.

After installed application, just open and run it. The interface is simple, it reminds me another secured anonymous client - Puff. Just click "Start", it will automatic open IE browser. It supports IE and Google Chrome browsers, you do have to set up anything with these two browser, but if you use other browsers like Firefox, you have to set up Network Connection of browser to All done.

I tested this client, the speed was fast while I did test, it uses US IP address. But I am not sure if this client working in some countries where have internet censorship like China, Iran. I did it test in China, it did not work.

Special thank Sasan who offers this information.

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