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A Useful Encrytpion Application

Protect Me is a small useful application that lets you to create any normal files to a secure executable .exe file. It uses SHA1 for password validation and AES for encryption, so you can encrypt and extract any files.

It is very easy to use, let me show you how to do with Protect Me. First, download file here. This is a green software so you can run it anywhere in hard drive.

Open application, it displays this window below.

Drag a file or more files into this window, type password, and click "Create Container" button.

Shows you a note. Click "OK" button, all done.

That file was encrypted with executable .exe format. For example, a media file with .avi format, after encrypted by Protect Me, it will become an .exe format file. If you want open file, just double click it, and fill password. Click "Validate" button.

 It will open a window. If click "Run" button, it will direct run this file. Click "Save As", that will save file in to somewhere. Click "Extract Everything", it will extract file in to a folder, it is a good way for multiple files.

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