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Store, Backup Your Important Files With Finalfolder

Sometimes we have to use email to send some files like documents, photos, audio and video. If you use main email services it should be fine because they offer big storage to keep files. But you never know something happening one day, if you want backup some important files you should put them in another place, like different service account, online storage, or in your computer.

Finalfolder is a new web service, it can help you to keep your important files. It is a new solution, you can use your email to send or forward files to, it will index your files on your account. It is your web file storage, you can organize it after signed in your account. It also supports direct upload file.

I could not find about how big of storage space, I only saw total available 999999 documents in my account. It does not mention how long the files can keeping, in "Terms and Conditions" section, it says 365 days. I did a test, and sent some different kinds of files including document, photo, media file, and archived file. Finalfolder did a good job, keep all files in my account. I think it is an easy way to backup some files.

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