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Use PortableVPN To Connect Your PPTP VPN

Nowadays, VPN service seems so popular, especial in China, and some Middle East countries. Main reason is these countries government use strict internet censorship, so original design VPN was for business connection, but now it becomes a useful way to bypass internet censorship. For normal users, VPN seems a little bit difficult. It has several types of connections, like PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN client. Some connections need to set up in computer system, like PPTP. I also received some emails that ask about how to set up and use VPN.

Some VPN services offer VPN client, just download client and run it. Some other VPN service offer OpenVPN client, so you have to download this client and a configuration file. Most services offer PPTP connection, this connection is an easiest way without install any software. But, it needs to set up other connection in Control Panel. it is a hardest part for normal users. Now, I like to introduce a software that can make VPN connection much easier than before.

PortableVPN is a green software, it special design for PPTP connection. This portable software can running anywhere in computer or USB drive, if you do not like you can direct delete it. It has two versions: PortableVPN and PortableVPN U3. The biggest difference is PortableVPN is for Windows system, freeware. PortableVPN U3 is for all PC and USB with U3, it leaves no personal data behind.

Today, I would like to introduce free version PortableVPN. Just download software. Very easy to use, just fill name, VPN host, ID and password. You can tick in "Save passwords", it will save all settings. If you have several VPN accounts, you can add more after saved data. Take a look these screenshots below.

The benefit is, this is a portable software, do not set up anything in computer, and take it to go, plug in any computer.

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