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Another Useful SSH Package

I have many articles that talk about how to protect your privacy while you surfing online, some applications only have Chinese version, like last time I mentioned a small SSH client Mr. Zhang. I try to introduce some Chinese useful applications to some English users who come from other countries, like Middle East countries. People like these kinds of stuff, privacy is a kind of human rights.

Today, I like to introduce another Chinese application which called SSH Wall. It is a project that helps Chinese people over through Great Firewall in China, that is why it only has Chinese version. This is a package that contains portable Firefox browser, SSH client - Myentunnel, Plink. So you can unzip and running in anywhere in your computer or a USB drive. Original application is Chinese version, I switched some English versions instead of Chinese versions with most parts as I can, now only a few parts are still in Chinese but you do not have to use them anymore.

First, you have to download file here. Unzip this file to a folder, it contains 4 files as a screenshot below.

Click "sshwall", it will open a portable Firefox browser. Then, open "myentunnel" folder, double click "myentunnel" file. 

It will open a main window like this screenshot below, and automatically connects remote server, you have to wait a while til a small lock icon turns green on system tray.

Now, you can browse websites. You do not have to change anything, it automatically configure browser. If everything is OK, you are already on the road anonymously.

If you know Chinese you can go to this page and download Chinese version.

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