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The Easy Way To Watch BBC iPlay With Firefox And Tor Network


Last year I wrote a tip - How To Use Tor Network To Watch BBC iPlayer, it is still popular now because people who live outside UK, and want to watch videos from some British video sites including BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4, Five. Only British IPs can be to watch, so if you are not lived in UK you have to use a British IP. VPN is a best way, but most VPN services have to pay. Tor is a free service, we can use it to surf online anonymously. My tip tells you how to configure settings file with Tor Network, and lets Tor only use UK IPs. If you have enough PC experience it should be easy, but for normal people, configuration seems too difficult. I got some emails that asked me how to do since I posted that tip.

Today, I like to introduce a software that integrates Firefox browser and Tor, it called - Tor UK Catchup TV. This is a portable application, so it is easy to unzip file and running in anywhere in your computer or USB drive. Best point is, you do not have to configure anything, just start to go, very useful. Actually, it only uses UK IPs, so you can watch your favorite video from some British video sites. Of course, it also hide your real IP address while you surf online. I did test, it works very well.

If you want to test Tor UK Catchup TV, direct Download here.

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