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Fizzik, A Real Time Social Media Browser

Fizzik is a real time media browser that allows you easy and quick to browse some major social media sites, you can search subject, read news, watch Youtube video, and check Twitter. First step, you have to download it from this page, it supports Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7. Install this application seems painful for me, it needs to wait a long time to finish.

After all done, you can open it at once. The interface is black, only a small search bar on up-left of site. You can use this search bar to search anything with some social media sites, like Being, Youtube, Twitter. When you search something, it will list results on left sidebar, click one it will display that website in main window. For me, I think best part is to search video from Youtube, it plays video with a very clean interface. Another good point is to search tweets with Twitter, if the tweet has a link, it will automatically display in main window.

Fizzik also allows you to share something, on down-right corner, you can click a small icon and use Facebook, Twitter, Gmail to share your interesting stuff.

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