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A Small Anonymous Client

I have some articles that introduce about how to surf online anonymously, and last I have introduced a small Chinese SSH client to my Arabic readers. Today, I like to introduce another small Chinese anonymous client that can hide your IP address while you surf online.

This small client called Witopia VPN, but as I know it is different with a commercial WitopiaVPN Company, I do not know if they have some relationship with or not. This client is only in Chinese version, but it is not difficult to figure out how to use. I made a screenshot that helps you to understand some buttons with client.

It has several servers: two servers in the USA, one is in the UK, and one is in Taiwan. I tested this client, all four servers work fine. China blocks two US servers, UK and Taiwan servers are working fine in China. I also had a testing that shows me all fours servers are working fine in East Asian Countries.

If you want to try this client, direct download here. After open this client, you can choose different server, if you use IE browser you do not have to do anything, but for Firefox users, you have to set up Firefox Network Connection to

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