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Try Ivacy VPN Demo Version For Free

Ivacy is a commercial VPN service, it offers some different ways to protect you while you surf online. It costs $13 US dollars a month, but a good thing is it also offers demo version for free. Of course, demo version has some restrictions, but basic service is enough for regular users, you can hide your IP address while you surf online.

How to get demo version of Ivacy? First, you have to register an account on this page. Then, download Ivacy Monitor. Next, install and run client. Type your ID and password, choose "Demo (Web only)" on VPN Connection Type. Click "Connect" button. All done.

Check your IP address, make sure it hides your real IP address. My testing address was in Russia.

I have tested this VPN, the speed is fine. It does not mention how long demo version can keeping.

Thanks for Sassan who always tell me some useful information.

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