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Uvumi, Another Place To Explorer Music

Uvumi is a music site that designed for musicians and music fan. For musicians, they can promote, spread their music, let music fan listen to music and keep in touch with musicians. For music fan, they can explorer new music, artists profiles, photos, blogs, popularity charts, and more.

The interface is clean, a media player on top of page. You can browse different subjects, like Charts, Users, Music, Playlists, Events. It is easy to listen to music in different ways:

1, Click artist, it will display a profile page, choose "Songs" you can seem albums and listen to music. If you like to play songs without interrupt, just add songs into a playlist.

2, Click "Music" on top of page, you can browse all the music, if you like to listening just click play icon.

3, Click "Charts", it will list most popular songs, just click play icon to listening.

It is a good place to explorer music, pretty cool.

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