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Panda Safe Browser

If you worry about virus, spyware, malware, and other thing infect your computer while you surf online, you should read this article. Today, I like to introduce a special browser that combines VirtualBox, Firefox, and powered by Linux system. This called Panda Safe Browser that is a part of Panda Internet Security 2011, but now the company releases this for a free individual application.

The best point is Panda Safe Browser runs as a virtual machine that powered by VirtualBox, so any virus, spyware, malware could not infect your computer through this browser because everything will be disappeared, it can't save anything in your system. The Browser is Firefox 3.5, but it also could not install any add-on, save any bookmark, download anything.

After install this browser, you can start it. Every time, it starts VirtualBox first, you can see this dialog that looks like this picture below. After you click "Proceed" button it will run Firefox browser.

This browser runs like naked, going fast, but it is not right one for some people who like me, always use some useful add-on plugins.

Direct download Panda Safe Browser.

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