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Streams Your Twitter Content With Litefeed

Social network websites seem more useful now, people can use different devices to connect internet share information with friends. If you have Twitter you should know how it works very well. I had written an article that introduces a useful client - Lazyscope, it streams your Twitter's content live. This is a client, so you have to download and install it. But today I would like to tell you another one that is a web based service, it also streams your Twitter's content.

Litefeed is a web based service that streams your Twitter's content. You do not have to download and install anything, even does not require register an account. Just use your Twitter's ID to sign in, after that you can use it to read something as your Twitter.

What is difference between Litefeed and Twitter? You know Twitter limited publish text message, so users only publish less text as possible they can, like use shortened URL for web links, pictures, or videos. You have to click link to go to original site to read, look, or watch them. With Litefeed, you can directly read content that from these shortened links without leave this web page. I think it much like a Twitter reader. Compare to Lazyscope, Litefeed lack publish feature, you can not publish your tweets with it.

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