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Watch Movie Online With Cuevana

I have several articles that talk about how to watch movie online, Hulu, BBC iPlayer they offer the best quality movies, but they lack choice, only a few movies available. If you are not lived in US, UK these two countries you have to do some special ways to watch them. On internet, we have many ways to watch movie even new one, but it depends on where the source come from, some quality are good, some are bad.

Today, I would like to tell you about a website that lets you watch movie for free. Cuevana is a website that based on Argentina, the main language is Spanish, also can switch to English. It offers a Firefox add-on that allows you to stream videos from several file hosting services, like Megavideo, Hotfile, File Factory. Before you watch movie you have installed a Firefox add-on "Cuevana Stream", after that, restart Firefox you can go to Cuevana, choose a movie that you want to watch. Choose a file hosting service, it will automatically load a media player, some file hosting site require waiting time and more clicks.

If you have high speed internet accessing, the streaming seems very stable, you can watch whole movie without interrupt. By the way, Cuevana also lets you watch TV show, and live TV program that comes from South American countries.

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