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An Easy Way To Share Your Photo Albums With Your Friends

We have very good image sharing services, like Flickr, Photobucket. But, do we need more this kind of image sharing service?

Troovi is another image share site that offers a photo exchange platform to share your photos with other people. For me, upload and share photos with friends is not new, but I am very interesting about exchange platform that lets you to share whole platform, it is not you can only use this platform, you can also let your friends to use it. That means your friends can upload their photos to your photo album. Other good point is about download photo, you can download single photo, or download whole album with a zip file.

Your photos are not open to public if you do not want to, only your friends who know unique link that you sent. You can also set up "Guest Permissions" for your friends, allow they add and delete photos in your photo album.

Basic account is free, you can store 500 photos.

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