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Vidmap, Two Ways Display On Same Location

Vidmap is a special website that uses map and video to show you on same location. The interesting point is we can compare to map and video on same places. It looks very cool. You can take a look some Vidmaps, if you like you can register an account, make your own Vidmaps (sounds like your own Street Viewer). How can you make it? Only a few steps:

1. Click on the "New Vidmap" button to upload a video or to import an existing video from Youtube.
2. Once uploaded, click your video in the "My Vidmaps" menu and use the editor to add the video positions to the map.
3. In that same editor add synchronisation points to sync video time and position on the map where necessary.
4. Share your Vidmap with other people by using the embed code!

It seems simple, but I did not try. If you like you can do it.

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