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Encrypt Your Text On Gmail With is a text encryption tool that lets you to encrypt composed text with Google mail. This is an interesting tool, very simple to use, just drag a javascript "Encipher It" to bookmark bar on Firefox or IE browser. Actually, it has two parts, one is to encrypt, another one is to decrypt text.  If you want to encrypt after you created text mail on Gmail, click "Encipher It" button on bookmark bar. Type a password, click "Encrypt" button. The encryption is done. How receiver can decrypt this encrypted text after he got? For people who also use this tool, it is easy. Just click "Encipher It", type password that composer can tell them in other way, the content will be decrypted. If receivers who have never use this tool, they can go to, paste content to decryption box. Click "Encipher It", Type password,  it will be decrypted.

According to, it should work with other one, but I tried it with Yahoo Mail but it doesn't work anyway.

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