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Touch Your Multiple Web Cloud Accounts In One Place With Otixo

If you are a heavy internet user, I can say you are living online. That's why you browse this site and read this article. Just kidding! It isn't only that, you should carry your smart phone all the time, check your Facebook, send your tweets, upload your videos, photos to your web cloud space, even stream music, video from there. That's the reason I say that, your life depends on the internet. I'm sure you put your stuff on web cloud space because you don't have to store your stuff in your small device, just take your stuff when you needed.

If you have several web cloud space accounts, how can you do? Upload/Download site by site, is alright? Now, you can do this job in one place that is Otixo. It is very easy to use, just register an account on Otixo, add your web cloud account. You can upload or download file in one place without site by site.

Now, Otixo supports Dropbox, Box, MobileMe, SugarSync, Amazon S3, Google Docs, WebDav, FTP. I believe it will add more cloud services in the future.

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