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Review Minus Again After Upgrade

I have written a review that introduces a web cloud backup/sharing service - Minus last year, I got an email from John who is co-founder of Minus a few days ago, he asks me to review this Minus again. Well, after Minus upgrade service, it sounds interesting. So I checked out what it changed.

First changed thing is it adds Web Screenshots, it lets users easy to capture screenshots from websites. If you are a blogger, this tool is very useful. Very easy to use, just type web address, after a while it will capture screenshot and save it.

Second, it adds more ways to upload files, not only drag & drop file to website, it also offers desktop client, and app for mobile device, like iPhone, Android phone. I did try an application on my iPad, it works very well. Not only view media files, play music, also upload files from iPad to server.

Last one is it is getting socialization that lets user follow to each other, share files. Of course, it gives option that lets you setup file in public or private.

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