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An Easy Way To Bypass IP Filter On Pandora

Pandora is a very good internet music radio, if you like music you should take a try, you can find different kind of music there, you may love it. But, the biggest problem is, it is restricted US IP address by IP filter. It means if you are not lived in the USA, you could not get in and play it. Only way you can get in this service is, use a US proxy or VPN. It is not easy to find a stable free proxy or VPN, most VPN services only offer paid users. Actually, you can use a very simple way to enjoy this wonderful music service without change your IP address, only thing you have to do is, download and install an add-on, it called HTTPS Everywhere.

This is a security add-on for Firefox or Chrome browsers, it can force browser to use secured HTTPS connection with some websites, Pandora is one of the list. Another word is, Pandora opens HTTPS connection to everyone even you are not US IP. So it is an easy way to bypass IP restriction, enjoy beautiful music for free.



Notice: If your ISP or government blocked Pandora, this way does not work anymore.

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