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A Hybrid Browser, Lunascape

Lunascape is a triple engines browser, it integrates Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers into one. Lunascape is a company that based on Japan, now it is in Alpha version.

If you like switch browser often maybe this browser is good for you, because you can choose different engine which you want compatible websites. It offers three engines: Gecko (IE), WebKit and Trident. I think maybe this browser fits some web developers, they always need use different to test website.

I had try to install Lunascape, it looks cool and fast. But I also found it eats ram a lot. You know we have many browsers but only a few browsers are successful. It offers add-on function but lacks developers. It is a new browser so it need time to develop.
If you like new stuff maybe you can try.

Lunascape是一个三引擎的浏览器,它将Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox和Google Chrome整合为一体。Lunascape是一个基于日本的公司,目前它还处于测试版。

如果你常常喜欢转换浏览器的话,也许这个浏览器就适合你,因为你可以从它提供的引擎中选择一个你要匹配的网站的引擎。它提供三个主要引擎:Gecko (IE), WebKit and Trident。我想这个浏览器比较适用于网站开发者,他们需要用不同的浏览器测试网站。


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