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Create Your Music Online For Fun

Super Duper Music Looper is a web tool that created by Sony Software. This web tool lets you to use some materials to create a simple music, it looks like use a paint pen. It is simple, it is fun.

First step is click "Add a new loop to your song", it will open a window that lets you choose a loop, like Bass, Drum, Guitar, Orchestra, Vocal, Keyboard. You can add more loops, each time you added you can play it for listening, then you can use paint pen paint on music line. After you done, you can listen it. It based on flash platform, so it is easy to change your creation. But you can not record it, that function only for paid user.

Super Duper Music Looper是一个由索尼软件开发的在线工具,它可以让你用来在线创作你的简单音乐,它看上去就像一个图画笔。非常简单,但很有趣。

第一步是点击"Add a new loop to your song"按钮,它会出现一个窗口,你可以选择一个音乐loop,如贝斯、鼓、吉他、管乐、声音、键盘等。每次选择的时候都可以播放试听,然后用图画笔涂写在乐谱中。当你全部完成后你就可以收听了。它基于flash平台,所以很容易进行修改。但是你无法进行录音,这个功能质提供给付费用户。

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