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Use Meeting24 To Create An Online Meeting Room

I had several posts that talk about online meeting service before, today I like talk about another one - Meeting24. It based on Waseda University of Japan, and offers a web service that allows people create online meeting room for free.

With Meeting24 you can meet up to 24 people and keep long to 24 hours online. Register is free, if you want host meeting you should be register, other parts who do not have to register. After they got a invite link from host just click to join it. Like other online meeting service, everything is simple, only thing you need is microphone and webcam. This is web based service, so you do not have to download any software, just use your browser. Now, it supports Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.


使用Meeting24你可以在线与多达24个人举行在线会议,时间可长达24小时。它可免费注册,如果你是主持人的话就需要进行注册来创建会议室,但其他人并不需要注册。只要在接到主持人的邀请链接点击后就可以加入。与其他的在线会议服务一样,一切都很简单,无需下载任何软件,唯一需要的设备是麦克风和网络探头。这是一个在线服务,只要用一般的浏览器就可以进行,目前它所支持的浏览器有Internet Explorer, Safari和Firefox。

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