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Send Files In Private Way

Machsend is a p2p transfer files tool that lets you transfer files from a computer to another one. It uses a Yahoo plugin that called BrowserPlus to do that job, so before you use this tool you have to download that plugin. The transfers are peer to peer - straight between the two clients and are not relayed or proxied.

It is a private tool, you do not have to upload your files to server, the data only transfer between two computers, nobody can capture it. Actually it is very easy to use, just download and install BrowserPlus. Go to Machsend, drag or browse a file onto page, you will get a download link, receiver can use this link to download file at once (sender can not shut down computer while file transferring). No file size limited.

Machsend是一个点对点文件传输工具,它可以让你在电脑之间相互传送文件。它使用的是Yahoo的一个插件来做这个工作,叫做BrowserPlus。传输方式是点对点 - 直接在两个电脑之间进行,没有中继站,也没有代理站。


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