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Use HTTP Tunnel Genius Hide Your IP Address

Talk about surf online anonymously we like use some useful proxy clients, anonymous network like Tor, VPN. Today, I like introduce another way - HTTP Tunnel. It is not a new way for some people who know about network, HTTP Tunnel can bypass firewall, secure internet browsing. Maybe some people have experience with HTTP-Tunnel, thit is a HTTP Tunnel client that I mentioned before. But today I want talk about another free HTTP Tunnel client and service.

HTTP Tunnel Genius is my subject today, it can help you surf internet anonymously, use applications (Instant Messenger, browser) from behind restrictive firewall.

To use this client is very easy, you do not have to configure anything on client (basic mode), only you have to do is change your browser Network Connection setting ( The client will automatic search public proxy when you open it, after a while you can browse websites. Very easy to use, even you can change different IP address by click "Select Next Proxy" on tool bar. About speed, I think it is OK if you are not watch high definition video, it uses public proxy, so do not use it enter your personal account.

Direct download HTTP Tunnel Genius. Your computer should have Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package to run this client.

谈起匿名浏览网络我们都会使用一些有用的代理软件、匿名网络如Tor、VPN等。今天,我要介绍另一种方法 - HTTP Tunnel。对一些熟悉网络结构的人来说它并不是一个新方法,HTTP Tunnel可以绕过防火墙,加密网络浏览。也许有些人对HTTP-Tunnel有体验,这是一个HTTP Tunnel客户端,我以前也谈过,但是我要谈的一个免费HTTP Tunnel客户端和服务。

HTTP Tunnel Genius使我今天的主题,它可以帮助你匿名浏览网络,在限制的防火墙下使用软件与外网连接。

使用这个客户端非常容易,并不需要在软件上配置任何东西,仅仅在浏览器上重新设定网络连接(。在你打开该客户端时它会自动搜索公共代理服务器,过一会你就可以浏览网站了。非常简单,你甚至可以点击界面工具条上的"Select Next Proxy"来转换代理。至于速度,如果不是观看高清晰视频的话,我想还过得去。它使用的是公共代理,所以最好不要用来登陆你的账户。

你可以直接下载HTTP Tunnel Genius你的电脑必须要有Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package才能运转该客户端

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