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ArethusaVPN, Another French Free VPN Service

I just posted an article that talk about Black VPN will stop free service after this month, and Alonweb pushes out its premium service but did not say if it still running free service or not in the future. Today, I found another French VPN service, that called Arethusa VPN. It is a commercial VPN company but offers free account. Free users can use Shared IP address (NAT), 100 Mbps bandwidth sharing, no incoming data, blocked port 25 (no email), and only use OpenVPN client for connection.

Create an account is easy, go to this page register a new account, fill a user name, your email (option, just for recover password), and password for bill account (this password is not for VPN connection). Click "Register" button.

After that, you can sign in your account at once, you have to create "Tunnel" in your account, click on "Add" to request one, choose free service. After that you can find service information: server address, username and password, you can change password anytime.

Free users only use OpenVPN client to connect server, so click "CA" and "Config" download these two files. If your computer already installed OpenVPN client it should be easy, just copy "CA" and "Config" files into OpenVPN config folder: Program File > OpenVPN > config. If you do not have OpenVPN client, you have to download it.

Next step is start OpenVPN, if you use Windows Vista/7 you have run it as Administrator. Right click on the icon (on system tray) and click on "Connect". After few seconds it through and connected server. After I tested it, download speed seems fine but upload seems slow.

Open your browser, type into address bar, if it display a Spanish version that means VPN works fine, because Arethusa VPN server is in Spain. Enjoying this free lunch!

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