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Download Videos From Hulu, BBC iPlayer

I wrote some articles that talk about how to download videos from Hulu, BBC iPlayer before, these kinds of video sites use secured connection, most downloaders can't do their job with these sites, only a few special downloaders can download videos with them, but they are not free for use. Today, I would like to introduce a freeware that can download videos from Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and others like Youtube. This freeware called Stream Transport.

This is a brand new software, easy to download and install it as a regular software. It combines a simple browser, you have to type web address into address bar as a normal browser. After video comes out on screen, it will detect stream video tracks, choose one and click "Download" button, it will appear another window that displays downloading process. The video will save in your hard drive with a .flv format file that should play with a flash player.

I test it with Hulu, BBC iPlayer, download video are fine. Of course, if you are not lived in US and UK you have to use a VPN service or local proxy to watch and download.

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